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Holding a conference or event?

Consider streaming it live ONLINE!

March Digital offers a full service live streaming solution. We can film and stream your conference or event online using up to 8 video cameras. We work directly with the venues AV team to ensure a trouble free integration with in-house audio and visual systems while delivering a professional TV studio-like video stream to your online audience.

To make it super simple to share your live stream with your online audience we also provide you with a custom url:

In addition to live streaming we record the video so that you can share it with an online audience after the event has finished. This can be done either by sharing the custom url we provide you with or by uploading it to another video platform and embedding it on your website or social media channels. 


So ... how does it work?

Apart from the filming and live streaming of your event there are a few other aspects of the project that need to be considered. 

Firstly, we like to get an understanding of who your intended online audience is and how they will access and interact with the live streamed video. This is important because it help us to recommend and choose the right video delivery platform best suited to your audience.

Secondly, we like to get a solid understanding of how your event will play out - who will be presenting, what they will be presenting and whether they intend to interact with the audience in any way. It's important for all presenters to be aware that the audience they are addressing reaches further than just the people they see in front of them. By acknowledging and engaging with the online audience you'll create a richer, more rewarding experience for everyone.

And lastly, we need to know where your event will be held so that we can liaise with the venues AV and IT teams to ensure all of the logistics have been discussed and agreed upon with plenty of time to make any special arrangements should they be required.

Our goal, as your Live Stream Production Crew, is to be as transparent and accomodating as possible while delivering the best experience to your online audience.

What to live stream?

  • Events
  • Conferences
  • AGM's
  • Educational Content
  • Internal Comms
  • Product Launches

Equipment We Use

  • Blackmagic ATEM Switch (x2)
  • Blackmagic 4k Studio Cameras (x2)
  • Canon HD Video Cameras (x8)
  • RODE Wireless Microphones (x6)
  • Behringer Mixing Console

How does the Live Streaming process work?


Location and Venue

Before any live streaming project we always do a site visit to the venue to ensure that we get a good idea of the challenges of the space we'll be working in and to identify where we can best place our equipment and cameras as well as test the internet connectivity for speed and quality.

In most cases this visit is quite short (typically less than an hour). Where a physical site visit is not feasible due to distance or other factors we will aim to speak with the venues event coordinator and/or IT people either by telephone or email.

We never take on live streaming projects where we are asked to just "turn up on the day" and hope for the best.


Audio Visual Integration

Most live stream projects involve our team filming and streaming an event that would take place regardless of our involvement. That is, the event is not typically designed solely around the live stream component and as such live streaming is an "add on" designed to extend the live audience reach.

For this reason, audio visual elements such as projectors and PA Systems are generally provided by the venue or by a third party AV company. Our equipment is designed to easily integrate with the AV system already setup to support your event. We also have a range of specialised integration equipment such as video converters and audio mixing peripherals that we use to seamlessly integrate with external AV systems ensuring that any technical issues are dealt with quickly and without "throwing a spanner in the works".


Online Audience and Platform

There are a multitude of platforms that can be used to live stream video online these days and choosing the right one for your project is vital in ensuring everyone in your online audience has a great experience. In order to advise on the best platform we assess who your audience will likely be, what they'll most likely be using to access your live stream and what type of interaction will be offered.

In some instances it is also advisable to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously using a process called re-streaming.

Where online audience participation involves realtime question and answers we advise that a representative from your organisation be on hand to facilitate the management of this.

We can provide a laptop and assistance with setting this up and basic training on how to do this most effectively if needed.


Additional Streaming Content

Sometimes an event can last an entire day with multiple breaks between presentations.

While your physical conference or event attendees are sipping tea or having lunch your online audience can often feel disconnected. A great way to maintain engagement and keep your online attendees informed is to stream pre-recorded video content or a slideshow of information along with scheduling information for when the live video stream will recommence.

We can assist with the creation of this type of content pre-event and manage it's delivery during the event.


Pre-Event Promotion and Registration

To ensure that your online attendees are aware of how to access the live stream or
pre-register interest in attending online we can provide a bespoke website for your event hosted on our domain. Pre-event registration can be handled using our online booking system or via a simple online registration form. We can provide access to the list of registrations to you so that you can monitor and communicate with registrants.


Custom website and URL for your Live Stream Event

As part of our live streaming service we also offer a custom website that your online attendees can visit to view and engage with your live video stream. The site can also be useful in providing scheduling information for presentations to be streamed as well as an online document library where they can access and download any digital material you may wish to distribute in support of the presentation.

The website is hosted by us on our dedicated web server located in Sydney and we also provide a custom web address:

Once the event has concluded we can also provide a detailed report containing information about the number of online attendees and any other website activity that occurred during the live stream.


Post Production and
On-Demand Delivery

After you live stream event has been completed we can provide a video-on-demand hosted version of the video stream for attendees to watch again or people who were not able to  participate in the live event to watch post-event.

In some instances, it may also be pertinent to edit the live captured footage down to reduce it in length before provided it online in an ondemand format. Naturally, we can provide this editing service too.



Want to collborate? Let's work together

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  2. Timeframe for completion
  3. Type of project

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