2D Animation

Who doesn't like cartoons?

Some ideas are just too difficult to capture with video - unless you're James Cameron or Steven Spielberg! But, thankfully 2D animation has no such limits and can be used to communicate any idea or sell any product - often with humour.

We've been fortunate enough to have worked on a series of 2D cartoon animations for The Wiggles - having produced over 70 short cartoons for their TV show and DVD products. Since then we've created animated content for the NSW Department of Education, Mission Australia and Amway ... just to name a few.

Explainer videos? Please explain!

An explainer video is generally a short and simple infographic style animation accompanied by a professional voice over which provides the viewer with a series of facts about a certain idea, topic or product. Stylistically, they can vary from animated hand drawn pictures to flat clip art but the basic approach is usually the same - keep it simple and to the point.

We're always happy to chat obligation free about any animation projects you might have and to discuss any ideas we might have with you.

Types of 2D Animation

  • Logo Animations

  • Explainer Videos
  • Marketing

  • Educational
  • Video Titles & Transitions

  • Hand-drawn
  • Product Overviews

Software We Use

  • Motion
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Moho (Anime Studio Pro)

  • Reallusion Animator 4

How does the 2D Animation process work?


Pre-production and Planning

Planning an animation project is similar to planning a video production project but has it's own set of challenges and some real advantages too.

Firstly, animation can open up a lot of possibilities visually, since everything will be produced via illustration and CGI. Things like locations and props which can often be prohibitive in video production are not really an issue when it comes to planning an animation. 

But, choosing a style of animation can be tricky. Some projects work well with one style whereas they don't work with others - so paying considerable attention to this early on is important as it ulitimately informs all of the next steps.


Scripts and Storyboards

The storyboard and scripting process in an animation project can be a lot of fun. It's the part where we work with you to brainstorm ideas and map out the content flow of your project.

This ultimately culminates in a draft script and storyboard which is then used to develop a rough animatic of the project.

An animatic is a version of the animation that uses imagery from the storyboard along with temporary voice overs and music to create a non-animated version of the end product - a video-based storyboard that provides a sense of timing and presents the basic flow of content that can then be used to refine the script and storyboard before the animation process begins.


Artwork and Illustration

The style of artwork and illustration is often decided during the pre-production and planning process as it needs to reflect the "feel of the project". It can also be influenced by the choice of animation software we intend to use.

We often work with external illustrators to ensure that we're engaging the best people most suited to your project. We have a range of illustrators and creatives that we have worked with over the past 20 years that are always keen to work with us on animation projects.

This ensures that our animation work always looks fresh and follows current trends.


Voice Over and Characterisation

Most animations require some sort of spoken narrative whether it's a simple voice-over or a fully characterised audio extravaganza.

We usually partner with one of Australia's most talented voice over companies - Evolution Studios - based in Toowoomba Queensland. They provide high quality, professional voice overs in a wide range of styles sourced from a large talent pool of men, women and children of all ages.

They're fast and cost effective too.


Music and Foley Sounds

We source our music from a range of online stock music libraries which are regularly replenished with fresh, new tracks across a wide range of musical flavours.

Likewise, we also source foley sounds - also called sound effects - from a few large online libraries. Sound effects in animation help enhance visuals by providing an essential sense of expression to what is being shown on screen.


Editing and Review

Since animation can take some time to produce we generally export sequences as we produce them and share them with you as we go.

We deliver each cut of your animation to you in a format that can be reviewed online and shared with your team or other external stakeholders during the post production process


Compliancy - Transcripts and Closed Captions

Ensuring that your animation can be enjoyed by everyone including people who use screen readers or other assistive devices is vital in todays world.

Since animations use a well defined script created in preproduction this process is usually pretty straight forward.

Once the animation is completed a final transcript and closed caption files are created from the script to accompany your animation for delivery online.



We made it .. your animation is ready to share with the world!

We always work wth you to ensure that your animations are in a format that works best with the various delivery platforms that you intend to use - whether it's YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook or all of the above.

We also retain a copy of the animation on our online review system so that should you choose to create another edit at anytime in the future we'll be ready when you are.



Want to collborate? Let's work together

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  2. Timeframe for completion
  3. Type of project

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