Optimising Your Video Marketing Strategy

March Digital has the expertise and technical capability to help you develop a robust Video Marketing strategy, and then execute it in an effective, engaging way across multiple platforms – including web, email, mobile and CRM.

We will help you:

  • Search optimise your video content (and your whole online presence) 
  • Create keyword-rich captions and annotations, and/or online video libraries that further increase your attractiveness to search engines


Websites featuring video content often appear far higher in Google search results than text/image only sites. So if you’re one of the first in your industry sector to adopt the medium, you’ll give yourself an immediate commercial advantage. 

Some of the ways March Digital will lift you to the top of the search rankings include:

  • Inserting keywords into your video filenames
  • Hosting your videos on Google-owned YouTube, and embedding them into your own site
  • Optimising these videos by including keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Embedding videos into relevant text pages on your site

We’ll also help you incorporate a video library and video site map in your website with keyword-rich annotations and anchor text links from elsewhere on the site; all of which will further enhance your search rankings. And we’ll show you how interactive tools can help you monitor the effectiveness of your video marketing, and track viral journeys.

To reap the rewards of effective video marketing, contact March Digital now

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